Monday, January 7, 2008

Hard Thin Films are Important

Hard coatings are a fascinating field of study where remarkable science is being done with extraordinary results. (see earlier posts: "Tribological Coatings..." and "PVD Hard Coatings...") The loss due to wear and corrosion in the US is estimated to be approximately $500 billion. A diamond coating can increase service lifetime for a coated article from 8 days to 85 years. The economic and environmental impact, then, can be enormous. I would be surprised if total market penetration was greater than 50%. Does anyone have specific market data? I find it remarkable, after years in the business, how difficult it can be to convince customers to use hard coatings, even though the lifetime savings can be so significant. Share your stories and ideas with us. Kudos to those of you doing the important and often overlooked work of hard coatings. The Surface Engineering Coating Association (SECA) is a valuable resource for information on hard coatings and providers.
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Marilu said...

Keep up the good work.